fabbit Philippines Inc.

Declared Items Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the following items are declared.
1. Items concerning declaration of the purpose of use of personal information
Every time we directly acquire personal information in writing from a customer, we will disclose the purpose of use. In other cases where personal information is acquired either directly or indirectly, we will handle it within the scope of the following limits on purpose of use.
  • Performance of contracts related to the sale, purchase, mediation, lease, management, etc. of real estate, and provision of information and services
  • Provision of personal information to related contractors, group companies and cooperating business operators within the necessary scope for achieving the purpose of use in 1 above
  • Sales activities, post-sales service, and marketing activities (questionnaires, etc.) by means of mail, telephone, e-mail, or visits, etc. for provision of the information and services in 1 above, and introduction of various services operated by this company. Survey and analysis including customer trend analysis and product development, etc.
* If the principal so requests, we will suspend the provision of information and services.
2. Concerning “third party provision” of personal information
This company may provide acquired personal information to third parties in the following cases.
  • Cases where consent is obtained from the principal
  • Cases that are based on laws and regulations
  • Cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, health or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the principal
  • Cases where it is particularly necessary for promoting improvement of public health or sound upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the principal
  • Cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the performance of legally prescribed affairs by state agencies, local public authorities or their consignees, and there is risk that obtaining the principal’s consent could hinder the performance of the said affairs
3. Items concerning procedure, etc. for responding to “requests for disclosure, etc.”
This company responds to requests from principals or their representatives for disclosure (disclosure, correction, etc., suspension of use, etc.) of held personal data.
If you wish to make a “request for disclosure,etc.”, contact the “Inquiries” reception window described in 4. Personal information that is acquired in connection with your “request for disclosure,etc.” will be used only to the extent that is necessary in order to respond to the request.

Reasons for Non-disclosure of “Held Personal Data”
We will not disclose data in the following cases.
  • Address given in documents for confirming identity
  • Cases where the address registered with this company does not match, and other cases where the principal cannot be confirmed
  • When right of representation cannot be confirmed in cases of application by a representative
  • Cases where there are flaws in the personal information
  • Cases where there is risk of harming the life, health, property, or other rights and interests of the principal or third parties
  • Cases where there is risk of significant interference being caused to the proper implementation of this company’s work
  • Other cases that violate laws and regulations
4. Items concerning the “Inquiries” Reception Window
Please submit any inquiries concerning this company’s handling of personal information to the following window.
  • By telephone: +63(0)2-864-4100
  • By e-mail: info@fabbit.com.ph
  • By mail: 26F Twenty-Four Seven McKinley, 24th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, to fabbit Philippines Inc.
    * Please take note that we cannot accept inquiries other than the above by telephone or direct visit to the company.